Teamsters Local 162
Strike Authorization Vote Underway at UPS
Updated On: May 21, 2018


Nationwide, Teamsters Local Unions Approve Strike Authorization Vote

On May 8th Local Unions from across the country voted to authorize a strike authorization vote of the UPS membership.  On May 15th the Teamsters International will begin mailing each of you a voting guide and voting instructions.  The secret ballot voting is by telephone and the Internet. 

The current contract expires July 31, 2018.  No work stoppage can occur before that date.  A “Yes” vote authorizes a strike to be called at the National Negotiating Committee’s discretion in the event it is unable to negotiate an acceptable contract.  A “No” vote prevents the Committee from calling a strike without further approval. 

Local 162 urges a Yes vote in favor of granting strike authorization to assist us in negotiating a contract worthy of our recommendation and your approval.

  • The ability to strike is necessary in order to ensure a timely and positive conclusion to negotiations. We have to show that we’re not afraid of striking.We are stronger United not Divided.

  • A credible strike threat is a key component of the Negotiating Committee’s strategy for achieving a good contract.A strong strike vote can prevent a strike.

  • We need to get UPS serious when we meet across the bargaining table.

  • The Negotiating Committee’s credibility lies with management’s belief that the Committee truly represents the rank-and-file membership.A strike vote is persuasive evidence that it does.


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