Teamsters Local 162
Officer and Business Agent Reports for June 7th
Updated On: Oct 04, 2020

The Sunday, June 7th General Membership meeting for Teamsters Local 162 was cancelled as the Governor order prevents the gathering.  We look forward to the day when we can reconvene our meetings and enjoy the solidarity we all generate when we come together for our monthly meetings.  In accordance with our bylaws our next General Membership meeting is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 4, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. 

The following reports of your Local 162 principal officers and business agents are put forth in lieu of the reports we would have given if the meeting were held this morning.  

June 7, 2020, Full-Time Officer and Business Agent Reports, Teamsters Local 162

By Bob Sleight, Secretary-Treasurer

Local 162’s office has been fully re-opened for walk-ins and we are stocked with sneeze guards at our counter, PPE and social distancing.  Our office hours remain 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday to reach the office and administrative staff.  As always, your Locals’ Principal Officers and Business Agents are available both during and outside office hours seven days a week, either in person or by phone and voicemail.

Due to Governors executive orders related to COVID-19, Local 162’s June 7th, 2020 General Membership meeting has been cancelled by the Executive Board.  Our next regularly scheduled General Membership meeting is Sunday, October 4th at 10:00 a.m. at the Union hall. 

Teamsters Local 162 is pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s Teamsters Local 162 Legacy of Leadership Scholarship Fund: Alvina Shtogrina, daughter of Reddaway member Yuriy Shtogrin; Hailey Hamilton, daughter of US Foods member Alexander Hamilton; Josephine Wilson, granddaughter of UPS member Kenneth Wilson; Brendan Prince, step-son of UPS member Shelby Prince; Abigail Swartz, daughter of UPS member Darrin Swartz; and Ethan Yin son of UPS member Kelly Yin. Based on the $1,500 scholarship award. We are proud to support these students as they further their education and wish them luck on this new phase of their life.

Contract negotiations for the recently organized drivers is moving forward.  We will continue to keep the members updated as these negotiations progress.

We have had many employers such as Albertsons/Safeway step up and provide additional hazard pay to employees during the Governor’s stay at home order with many employers following suit.  Other employers have provided continued health and welfare coverage to employees during this pandemic period.  We continue to see some employers further financially impacted by the pandemic.  Reddaway/YRC is currently struggling to make its health care and benefit premiums and has applied for a loan under the Cares Act to meet these and other financial obligations.  We will continue to closely monitor this situation.

By Mark Davison, President

Oregon Teamster Employers Trust (OTET)and YRC (Reddaway in our Local): I have personally been in daily contact for the last few months with IBT representatives, our leadership and legal team at OTET, corporate representatives from YRC, and leaders of other Teamster health and welfare funds throughout the nation.  Discussions have been about the continuation of health and welfare for our members at YRC as this Company attempts to get government funding to survive the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.  OTET did take the unprecedented move to give a two-month extension of health and welfare benefits for our members in our area through the end of May 2020.  This means YRC was essentially given an extension to pay its nearly $400,000 per month health care bill to OTET.  As late as Friday, June 5th I was in discussions with YRC about its payment for June coverage and I have requested substantive updates on the status of its Cares Act application and government loans.  We are anxiously awaiting a response.   We will keep the membership updated. 

Feeder:  I want to first recognize the hard work Business Agent Don Greene has been putting in on behalf of our 300 member strong feeder department at UPS.  When I first represented the feeder department there were fewer than 100 feeder drivers.  The department has certainly grown and with growth comes growing pains.  Don fights hard for the members and gives 150% everyday.  As this article is being posted on our website, Don and I are in extensive talks with the Company concerning the Company decision to implement the 70-hour workweek in feeder.  We have a huge influx of rail volume arriving from California and being processed in our Hillsboro hub for destinations throughout the NW.  This is creating significant subcontracting and overtime as needed for feeder drivers.  We have made several proposals to the Company on ways to minimize hours for feeder drivers who do not want the hours and increase staffing and training.  We will keep you posted on the results of our talks. Don wll keep you all posted on our efforts.  

Portland UPS Regular Package Car Drivers (RPCD’s):  Volume levels continue to increase at peak season levels.  The Company has been requiring some junior drivers to work scheduled days off to get all of the packages delivered – this extra scheduled day off work is first offered to senior volunteer drivers and then junior drivers are forced in from the bottom.  We are anticipating an even greater surge in volume from packages that have been delayed in California.  The 70-hour work week is being approved by the IBT Package Division Director on a mutually agreed to and as needed basis with the Company and this is occurring at various times and at various buildings for delivery drivers.  New language in the contract allows for this during peak season and other times of the year and is under the condition the hours over 60 are paid at double time for the delivery drivers only.  While I have only had a few 9.5 grievances out of the Portland building that could all change real soon.  If you are on the 9.5 list and worked 3 or more days over 9.5 file a grievance.  If you are not on the 9.5 list you can add your name with one week’s notice.  A comprehensive notice on your 9.5 rights is contained in the Downloads section of the Local 162 website as the “UPS Excessive 9.5 Overtime Survival Guide”.  The Company is also training new drivers at a rapid pace.  If you know someone who wants a driving job they need to apply for a part-time job and once hired immediately add their name to the driving list.  On another note, I recently had two package drivers removed from service and terminated for taking more personal time then they were entitled to under the contract.  While I was successful in having both returned to work it very well could have ended differently.  The bottom line is this, if you take additional personal time beyond your paid breaks, or you need a longer unpaid lunch, just document it in your DIAD and if there is not enough space to do so then notify management when you come in at night so they can modify your timecard in their system. 

Western Region UPS Agreement for PVD’s:  Local 162 continues to participate in the Western Region letter of agreement to allow the use of part-time employees to deliver out of their personal vehicles during the pandemic.  The work is performed at the current top Regular Package Car Driver (RPCD) rate of pay ($37.66 per hour) for the hours worked performing this delivery work.  This sets no precedent and serves several important needs including relief from excessive overtime for drivers as residential volume continues to surge during the pandemic, and extra work and earnings opportunities for part-time employees during the pandemic - we don’t want supervisors doing the work!  The order of call prior to using a part-time employee in a personal vehicle remains RPCD’s first, 22.4 driver’s second and part-time air drivers third.  Signup sheets have been posted in all buildings. 

OTET UPS Retirees Subsidy Fund:  Contributions to this new Retirees Fund remain on the rise as the JC37 Negotiating Committee diverted more money to provide and build this benefit.  The plan now has over $9.5 Million in reserves and is growing at a rate of over $600,000 per month.  We continue to encourage any UPS member in Local 162 who is considering retirement to contact the William C. Earhart Co. at (503) 460-5212 to get a full understanding of the retiree health care benefits and eligibility requirements prior to retirement, not after. 

By Bill Elzie, Business Agent

SYSCO PORTLAND:  This employer has hit the pause button on wanting to modify their current Motor Vehicle Review (MVR) policy due to the pandemic we are experiencing. We do anticipate that they will want to re-visit this matter at some point in the future and we will again insist that they bargain with the Union over this change in working conditions that could potentially negatively impact some of our current members who are delivery drivers. We will notify the membership of any future developments in this matter.  This employer is slowly starting to recall the members who had been laid off back to work as the volume of orders is slowly starting to increase. Please note that if recalled back to work, you must report within seven (7) days or you will lose your seniority and will be terminated from employment in accordance with our contract. We anticipate that the volume of orders will continue to increase as more restaurants start to reopen and customers begin to feel safe in eating out, but it will be a slow increase. Multnomah County has still not entered Phase One of the reopening of non-essential businesses. Once it enters Phase One we should see orders increase as the restaurants and bars start to open up.  The renewal contract is not quite yet finalized for signatures but I anticipate it will be executed this month. Once signed, we will get copies distributed to the membership. We appreciate the membership’s patience on this important matter.

HYDRO PORTLAND:  This employer has not recalled any of the members recently furloughed as customer orders have not yet increased. We have fielded numerous phone calls addressing concerns by furloughed members, mainly dealing with the unemployment insurance benefits problems. It appears that most of the members are now receiving their benefits. If any furloughed member is having problems getting their benefits started, please call us so that we can try to assist you.  Hydro Portland has a new HR Manager that we met with recently along with the new EHS Manager. Our meeting went very well and we welcome them aboard. We look forward to continuing our good working relationship with the new management team members.

AGC:  Negotiations have concluded and the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) has been ratified by the Locals involved. Signatures are being gathered now and once fully executed we will distribute copies to the membership working under this contract.

By Ben Vedus, Business Agent

UPS is hiring part-time employees on all shifts in all our facilities. If you know anyone who is looking for a job, please have them go to UPSJOBS.COM to apply.

UPS:  Our area has now joined many parts of the West in having more volume than can get processed each day. The shifts will continue to expand wherever possible and double and triple shifts are available to all who want them. The ability to sign-up to work a double shift in any of the Local 162 represented facilities still exists, and the lists are available on the double shift computers. Until further notice, all employees who wish to work all or part of their vacations will be paid their overtime rate of pay for all hours worked. Just let your supervisors know ahead of time what days you would like to work. Employees not on vacation have the right to work a double shift first but all shifts are exhausting their lists, so working your vacation should not be a problem.

New Alderwood Day Sort:  The Company has decided to add a permanent Day sort to the Alderwood facility. The volume for the shift is coming out of the Swan Island facility, so those employees will have the first opportunity to move to the new shift. The sign-up list will be on the double shift computers through June 17th. Employees who choose to move to Alderwood will have their Swan Island seniority date dove-tailed, or merged, to the Alderwood Building Seniority List. After the employees who sign up are assigned their positions, current Alderwood employees will be allowed to shift change to the new Day sort. Any remaining openings will be filled by off-the-street hires. The shift is expected to run 3.5 hours unless other volume is diverted to Alderwood.

Full-time Inside Jobs: The third and final round of bidding amongst the current full-time inside (22.3) employees will begin W/E 6/13, then the final openings will be offered to part-time employees on the 22.3 promotion list in seniority order. My advice to anyone who is called is to take whatever job is offered so you become part of the 22.3 seniority list. By doing so, you will be able to bid on any future open or newly created jobs before they are offered to part-time employees.

Swan Island:  Our Swan Island inside employees are on the front lines of this overwhelming surge in UPS volume. The extra time and effort you are currently being asked to give are not going unnoticed by the Company, and especially the officers and staff of Local 162. We appreciate all that you are doing, and I urge you all to continue practicing social distancing and wear a mask whenever possible. The daily information many of you are providing me helps to get issues resolved quickly, most of the time without having to file a grievance. If you have an issue come up or just have a question, do not hesitate to call.

By Mike Mayo, Business Agent

Swire Coca-Cola:  The ballots for the fully recommended offer were counted on the afternoon of May 11th with rank and file observers present.  The Local is happy to announce the offer was overwhelmingly ratified by the membership.  A new four year agreement has been reached and the contract is now in the process of being proofed by both parties for final signature and distribution to the membership. I want to thank the stewards who served on the negotiating committee for a job well done.  Local 162 is moving the termination of a driver to a Board of Arbitration and both parties are aligning dates for this hearing.  The following members have been assigned by the Union to the new departmental safety committees:  Warehouse steward Mike Davenport and warehouse employee Micha Powlison on the warehouse safety committee; driver steward Kent Teefy and merchandising steward Zach Olson on the distribution safety committee.  Any safety concerns should be brought to their attention so they can follow up with the Company.  Under the new contract the Union took control over which Teamsters serve on the safety committees. 

Pepsi Beverages North America of Portland: The Local met with the company in May to discuss the unjust termination of an employee, the meeting went well with the company agreeing to reinstate this employee back to his previous position.  Local 162 would like to congratulate and thank warehouse shop steward Bill Jackson for his 50 years as a member of Local 162 and employee at Pepsi.  Bill has always been at the forefront of teaching new members the importance and benefits of being a member of our great Union.

US Foods: The Company continues to struggle with volume due to the slow process of counties allowing bars and restaurants to re-open.  For the third month in a row the company has taken volunteers with furloughs with the company continuing to cover the members entire Health care premiums.

Reddaway:  The Company has begun the process of sending return to work letters for our members on layoff.  To date every member on layoff has been sent a recall letter. The Union and the company continue to work closely together concerning the healthcare coverage for our membership during these very difficult times.  The Company is obligated to makes its payment on behalf of our members for June’s health care coverage to the Oregon Teamster Employers Trust by June 10th.  We will keep you updated. 

Veritiv:  The collective bargaining agreement is open for renewal.  The Union has been in contact with the company in efforts to align dates to begin bargaining. With the pandemic still in place both sides will be working diligently to achieve a new agreement.  The Union will keep the member up to date as bargaining progresse.

By Mike Van Orsow, Business Agent

Pension Statements: Teamster members participating in the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust receive annual statements around May or June of each year for all hours reported on the employees’ behalf the previous calendar year.  You are advised to review your statement and contact the pension trust to report a shortage in a timely manner.  The pension office can be reached at 503-238-6961. 

Volume Challenges: Our delivery drivers at DHL and UPS have always had many challenges to deal with on a daily basis. Current events such as virus pandemics and civil unrest coupled by huge volume increases make those challenges even bigger. Drivers are strongly encouraged to work safe as a top priority. A difficult departure from established practice of customer service, drivers are encouraged to limit exposure to customers and delivery areas that pose a risk to your safety. Notify the Company at your 1st opportunity of any service or safety issues. 

UPS Hillsboro:  Local 162 has been notified that the Hillsboro Twilight shift will see increased volume and a longer sort span. The preload double shift list will be utilized first if needed then the Tualatin extra work signups. Overtime provisions per the Contract apply.  

UPS- Filing a Timely Grievance: Employees issued a suspension or termination letter have strict timelines to file grievances to protest the discipline per the Western region supplement of our contract. Warning Letters are considered automatically protested and do not require a timely grievance to protest. Per article 28.2 WRSA, Employees have ten (10) days exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from the date of the first attempt of the certified mail delivery from  the Post Office, to file a grievance with the Union in protest of discipline. When you fail to file a timely grievance in protest of the discipline, you are placing your job in jeopardy. For all other grievances, members have 30 calendar days from their point of knowledge to file a timely grievance. If you have any questions about the timely filing of grievances, please contact any shop steward or your Local Union representative.

Potential Transfers Beware:  For employees who want to move to another UPS location there are a number of provisions in the contract governing transfers.  There are Western Region transfers for package and feeder drivers, there are JC 37 transfers for full-time inside and part-time employees in the State of Oregon, and there are nationwide educational transfers for part-time employees.  Keep in mind, when you transfer to another location you go to the bottom of the seniority list for layoff, bidding, extra work, promotions, future transfers, etc.  You should contact the Local Union in the area that you are considering a transfer to get an understanding of the work opportunities, hourly rates of pay (they can decrease or increase depending on market rate adjustments and other factors) health care and pension benefits, entitlements, educational benefits and other working conditions.  Every area is different so do your homework in advance of a transfer, not after the fact.  The following provisions govern how transfers occur:  Feeder/Package Western Region Transfers:  Article 6 of the Western Region Supplement.  Full-Time Inside and Part-Time Transfers in the State of Oregon:  Article 6 of the JC 37 Package Rider and Article 2 of the JC 37 Sort Rider.  Part-Time Nationwide Educational Transfers:  Article 22 of the National Master Agreement. 

By Don Greene, Business Agent

UPS FEEDER:  Local 162 was notified by the company on June 3, 2020 that they were implementing the 70-hour workweek in feeder departments nationwide and that the Portland feeder department was one of the locations that was affected. The reason being was that an estimated 30 loads per day are being shipped by rail from Southern California to be sorted in the new Hillsboro facility because the California hubs were not able to handle the increased Amazon volume. The company estimated that this increased volume would amount to 53 additional subcontractor outbound movements if they stayed with the 60 hour in 7 day HOS rule. Local 162 with the full support of the feeder stewards agreed to let drivers who were on vacation choose to work any day of their vacation and would endtail on the extra work board for those days. All hours worked on vacation will be paid at the overtime rate of pay. This new vacation language is not permanent and will continue only during the pandemic. This agreement may be canceled by the Union with 7 days notice. The reason we did this is to make a good faith effort to try and help the company reduce the need for subcontractors. The company committed to continue the training of new feeder drivers during this time and many new feeder drivers will be needed to end subcontracting. If you have a CDL with several years of safe road experience you can apply for a part-time job at UPS to work in the hubs and then put your name on the Group B promotions list for feeder.  If you have any question about how that process works please give me a call.  The Company is very close to exhausting the Group A package driver to feeder driver promotions list.  All Local 162 rerpresented buildings (Hillsboro, Portland, Alderwood, PDX and Tualatin) are on combined lists for promotions to the Portland feeder department.  We appreciate every ones efforts and will keep the membership informed of changes that will affect you.

UNFI/Supervalu:  Local 162 was notified by the company on June 3, 2020 that UNFI was extending the Covid-19 bonus pay increase until July 4, 2020. We were told that they would re-evaluate the bonus pay prior to the July 4th deadline and notify the Local unions involved of their decision. All delivery drivers should be cautious when driving into areas where protests are taking place. Please check with your management team for updates and guidance when driving into these areas.

DTC/Fred Meyer:  Kroger has discontinued its hero pay related to the Covid-19 virus. They have instead implemented a bonus program called the “Thank you bonus”. This bonus will pay full time associates a one-time $400 bonus to be paid in two equal installments during pay periods on May 30th and June 18th. All delivery drivers should be cautious when driving into areas where protests are taking place. Please check with your management team for updates and guidance when driving into these areas.

Albertsons/Safeway:  Albertsons has extended their Appreciation pay for full time associates until June 13, 2020. The company will re-evaluate their Appreciation pay program prior to the June 13th deadline. All delivery drivers should be cautious when driving into areas where protests are taking place. Albertsons has posted guidance for driver communications for those drivers who are delivering to downtown Portland stores. Please check with your management team when heading to these locations.

By Bobby Rispler, Union Representative & Organizer

Greetings brothers and sisters, I sincerely hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and well in these challenging times. I would first and foremost like to thank and congratulate all of you who are working tirelessly through these crazy events. Your dedication to helping and encouraging your coworkers has been an inspiration throughout the pandemic, and I am proud to have the opportunity to work with and represent such a compassionate and dedicated group of workers.  As the world begins to open back up, we at Local 162 have been working hard to ensure standards of safety and cleanliness continue to be met at all of our barns. We are now seeing completely unprecedented events, and strive to maintain safe working conditions, and to defend your contracts. As always, please contact me at 503-257-0162 with any questions or concerns you may have.

Alderwood:  Since my last report I have maintained very close contact with the operations managers from each shift at Alderwood to ensure compliance with both your collective bargaining agreement and CDC safety guidelines. Your safety committees, shop stewards, and union activists have been integral in working together with me to ensure management’s compliance with these matters of utmost importance.   It is important to note that all Alderwood management personnel have been made abundantly aware that under no circumstances should two employees be in a trailer at the same time. This is in accordance with Gov. Brown’s guidelines and is implemented for your health and safety. If you are made aware of trailers being doubled, either by management or Teamsters, please notify either myself or a shop steward promptly and we will address the issue right away. Likewise, it is important to note for package drivers that the 9.5 list is in full effect, as are 8 hour day requests in accordance with article 37 NMUPSA. Volume continues to come it at an overwhelming and unprecedented level, and these contractual provisions can be integral to managing your health, including work/life balance. If you have any questions regarding 9.5 procedures, please contact me, or your Local 162 package stewards and we can get you added to the 9.5 list to help protect you from excessive overtime.  As with many of our industries, we have seen dramatic increases in volume and staffing at, as the company works to staff the operation. Activists and driver organizers have been working with me daily to address safety issues with trucks, and to lay the foundations of a member represented safety committee in order to resolve these issues.  We have been in contact with representatives of the company for negotiations on your first contract and I am very excited to continue to provide updates as progress develops.

Organizing:  It will come as no surprise that the Coronavirus pandemic has created two months of substantial challenges to organizing efforts and campaigns around the country.  Local 162 has started a new organizing campaign that I am very excited about, and am very excited to share publicly as soon as we are able to do so. We have begun meetings, and the campaign is progressing.  Due to the fact that management has not become aware of the campaign, I cannot release the name of the company at this time, but please stay tuned for more details in the near future. 

As the Columbia Sportswear campaign continues to move forward, it got a boost this month when The Intercept published a fantastic article about the campaign to organize with Local 162. I highly recommend giving this article a read, it is very well written, describes the campaign accurately.  The article is easily found on the web.  

Above all else, please stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

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