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Teamsters Local 162
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Updated On: Mar 16, 2023
Pictured from L to R: ST of Local 396 Victor Mineros, ST of Local 174 Rick Hicks, Local 162 UPS Feeder Driver Walt Lawson, Local 162 President Mark Davison, Local 162 BA Ben Vedus

On Monday, March 13th, UPS Western Region Supplement Negotiations picked back up with UPS and your Western Region negotiation team in Southern California. Teamsters Local 162 President and Western Region Package Division Director Mark Davison is the chair for the Western Region negotiations. Teamsters Local 162 Business Agent Vedus and Local 162 rank-and-file UPS Feeder Driver Walt Lawson are members of the negotiation committee.

At negotiations, UPS rank-and-file members gave testimonies and advocated for the rights of their fellow Teamster Brothers and Sisters. As your Western Region committee continues to fight for a contract that is deserving of your hard work, make sure you are doing your part to support your Union as we take on this historic fight against UPS. Download the UPS Teamster app today and participate in Unity building activities. Your Teamster Local 162 Officers have been out at the UPS gates this past week collecting Contract Unity Pledge Cards. If you have not had a chance to sign one yet, be on the look out for your Business Agents next week as they continue to sign members up with the Unity Pledge Cards.

Together we will fight for a contract deserving of all of your hard work!

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